February 3, 2011

Teenage brain trapped in old(ish) woman

While scouring the stacks for moldy, oldy books I could get rid of to make room for shiny new ones, I stopped to peruse I Can't Keep My Own Secrets. This cool little book is full of 6-word memoirs written by "teens famous and obscure." So, yeah, I'm not a teen. I thought it would be fun to include mine in the subject line anyway.

Here were some of my favorites:

Told you I'd be published someday! - Kay A.

First I hone; then I pwn. - Dan G.

Living my dream; please sent money. - Brittney L.

Aspiration: colonize Mars. You're not invited. Jordan H.

I never got my Hogwarts letter. - Deanna H.

Dan saved my life; doesn't know. - Stephanie H.

Take me back to swings, fireflies. Cimara D.

Views on love, life, universe: TBA. - Charlotte T.

What would your six-word memoir be?

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  1. Can't stop thinking about absentee dad