August 9, 2007

Winners of the Teen Summer Reading Program

Congratulations to the following teens, grand prize winners of the Teen Summer Reading Program!

iPod Video -- Kristen P.
Wii -- Kyra B. and Emanuel G.

It's been a great summer, but we're just getting started on new programs for teens. For more information, look at the Happenings section of this page.

August 1, 2007

End of Summer Blues

Where did the summer go? One minute, I'm all excited about the kick-off party, and the next minute I'm handing out pizza at the last program. Oh well, it just means that we have next summer to look forward to.

First, a few stats: The Library offered 22 programs for teens and a total of 252 teens attended them. We also had a total of 204 register for the summer reading program. Thanks to everyone who was a part of it!

DON'T FORGET...the big summer prizes have yet to be given away. On Thursday, August 9 from 3-4, author Tracy A. Akers will be visiting our library to talk about her book The Fire and the Light, which won the Florida Book Award Bronze Medal for Young Adults. You will also be able to purchase your own signed copy of the book. Tracy was also kind enough to agree to draw the winners for the iPod Video and the 2 Wii consoles we have to give away. If you haven't yet turned in your reading log, be sure to do so before then so your entry will be included in the drawing.

Lastly, our pizza taste-off was the last program of the summer. We had pizza entries from all over Winter Park. For the curious here are the results ranked in order:

1) Pizza Hut
2) Hungry Howie's
3) Papa John's
4) Carlucci's
5) Domino's
6) Park Ave. Pizza
7) Mellow Mushroom
8) Pizza Valdiano
9) Fratello's
10) Giovanni's

Congratulations to Pizza Hut! Let's see if they keep their title next year...