March 30, 2011

Clockwork Angel

by Cassandra Clare
YA Horror Clare C
479 p. 2010 Supernatural
Grade: A-

The prequel to the City of Bones trilogy is a must-read. This steampunk novel is exciting as well as action-packed and delivers the laughs and twists that are unique to Clare. Will makes the book funny while adding a romantic flame for Tessa, the good little bookworm from America. All the characters, along with these two, contribute to the drama that is the Shadow World. You’ll come to love every single character, Nephilim or demon and be introduced to the infamous Magnus Bane. The only reason for an A- rather than an A++ was the absence of more background information on the future trilogy. Although this book isn’t hard to put down, it’s peculiar not-so-“happily-ever-after” ending is a breath of fresh air and will undoubtedly make a new mundane want to read the next part of this fun and thrilling three-book series.

Reviewed by TAB member Emily S.

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