September 16, 2009

Happy International Chocolate Day!

Ok, so International Chocolate Day was actually September 13, but we celebrated it here at the Library last evening. Let me tell you, there was a TON of chocolate for the teens to feast upon. We served different kinds of chocolate from different countries, and the teens rated what they tasted. Here's a breakdown of how they liked them, #1 being their most favorite:

#1 Caffarel Milk Chocolate (Italy)
#2 Ritter Sport Milk Chocolate w/ Praline (Germany)
#3 Butler’s Mixed Berry White Chocolate (Ireland)
#4 Lindt White Coconut (Switzerland)
#5 Milka Dark Chocolate w/ Marzipan (Austria)
#6 Droste Pastilles Milk/White Chocolate (Holland)
#7 Ritter Sport Milk Chocolate w/ Whole Hazelnuts (Germany)
#8 Caffarel Milk Chocolate w/ Hazelnuts (Italy)
#9 Michel Cluizel Dark Chocolate w/ Orange Peel (France)
#10 World Market Dark Chocolate w/ Pomegranates (United States)
#11 World Market Dark Chocolate w/ Chili & Lime (United States)
#12 Vintage Plantations 65% Dark w/ Cocoa Nibs (Ecuador)
#13 World Market Sea Salt Dark Chocolate (United States)
#14 World Market Dark Chocolate w/ Chipotle Chili (United States)

A special thanks to the folks at Schakolad who provided our teens with some samples of their AMAZING chocolate creations. Next time you're over in Winter Park Village to see a movie, stop across the street and give them a try. You can also visit their Facebook page and become a fan.

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