July 21, 2008

Candy bribery @ the Library

I need your help...again. I'd like your opinion on programs we offer for teens and tweens at the Winter Park Public Library. It's a quick survey, only 10 questions. If you have a chance, please go here and tell us what you think.

Oh yeah, the candy part. If you're in the Library when you take the survey, come see us at the youth services desk on the second floor and we'll hook you up.

Also, don't forget about this Wednesday's Twilight Prom! We still have some space left, and we'll be giving away cool Twilight stuff. Winners of the costume and trivia contests will get a voucher for a free copy of Breaking Dawn! Registration is required, and you can do that by calling us at 407-623-3300 ext. 4 or clicking here.

Here's to sugar buzzes and Stephenie Meyer! I'll see you at the Library.

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